She likes sementals

Today I was about to approach a couple of girls in the cheese-shop. When I heard one of them saying "She likes sementals" to the saleswoman,  I thought I should not miss that opportunity. Maybe she didn't know that semental is stallion in english, but it wasn't relevant at all!

My language skills, especially on the pronunciation that has been affected by excessive exposure to Spanish, made me refrain and I understood that in fact what she said to Debora (hypothetical name) was "She likes emmentals".

Fortunately I didn't postulate myself with a "here I am!" because that girl wouldn't devour anything but a piece of emmental cheese.

Before acting, you should analyze if the speaker is not voicing ending 's' followed by a vowel (like a 'z'), what is a typical mispronouncing for English learners from Spain.

Emmental, my dear Watson!

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